Brandon Velasquez

Explore imaginary worlds

Stories of all kinds, but the core focus is always about life struggles and the desire to succeed, to conquer obstacles and to triumph, understanding that the right path is usually narrow, the path less traveled, but the reward is always great.

Brandon Velasquez, Author

MORE than just telling good stories. Yes, there is more. Just wanted to let you know.

From Epic Fantasy to Futuristic sci-fi landscapes, a bit of everything with an impulse to make a difference in your world.

Sci Fi Novels

Post apocalyptic and Space Opera adventures

The focus on these stories is to stand up to a corrupt system, or to face an imminent threat. The path is never easy, but the fight is always worth it.

Spanish stories/ Historias en Español

Small town stories, to mystery and suspense/Historias de pueblos pequeños, de misterio y suspenso.

Positive and Motivational

Motivational books about finding success and strength in everyday living.

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